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    Your architect of strengths

    Every organisation is unique and has exceptional qualities. Together we find what you need to be at your best, and to make a positive impact in your domain. As your social innovation consultant, I focus on sustainable results. Together with you and your team, we customise your experience to find what fits you better.
    I use my talents to explore, connect and empower.


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    Event production

    I support you in conceptualising, designing, coordinating and delivering outstanding events. Always in co-creation with you and your team.

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    Campaign and Project design

    I support you in making a positive impact in your domain. I help you designing and rolling-out your next project or campaign. One that will not be forgotten.

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    Team development

    I like to go beyond traditional team building. Strong and united teams have a healthy group culture. A good organisational culture helps creativity thrive and supports people to work at their best. Culture needs nurturing, attention, practice and being willing to try new things. Slow and steady wins the race...my focus is on endurance, on sustainable results that stay.

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    Whether in-person or online, I facilitate your next conference, workshop or general assembly. I like to engage participants deeply and meaningfully.

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    Project Evaluation

    Success goes beyond reaching your objectives. It is also about the way you got there. In my evaluation processes, I actively involved all relevant stakeholders, by designing questionnaires, conducting interviews and facilitating workshops. My reports are actionable and future oriented, opening up the path to your desired destination.

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    ...and much more

    Every organisation is unique and has unique qualities. Consequently every process also is unique. Together with you and your team, we customise your experience to find what fits you better. I apply future-oriented design methodologies to transform concepts and ideas into processes that generate real impact.



    Intake call

    Schedule a free call with me and/or one of our Otherwhere sherpas to discuss your next expedition



    Together we find the pace and altitude you're comfortable at



    We take the weight off your shoulders guiding you to your desired destination



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    I'm a bridge builder. I've a beating heart for creating societal impact, whether it’s local or transnational. I'm a URBACT validated Expert: I support cities and networks in the design and delivery of transnational exchange and learning activities, as well as with methods and tools for integrated and participatory approaches. Through my ongoing collaboration with Otherwhere, I gained experience in designing participative learning journeys, becoming a trustworthy and recognised social innovation consultant. Until 2019 I had worked for renowned civil society organisations and think tanks - both in Brussels and London - including Eurocities, the New Economics Foundation, the Young European Federalists and European Alternatives.





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    Always asking "why?"


    Curiosity improves engagement and collaboration. Curiosity improves a company's performance. As your social innovation consultant, I am always curious to explore new frontiers and eager to learn.

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    I listen and make sure you don't lose "your" touch. 

    I enjoy connecting people's interests to each other. Be truly connected requires being authentic and approach others without judgment. It also means being aware of others' needs and really listening to them.

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    Reaching the top requires team effort.

    I always aim at fostering team spirit by helping you setting a clear vision and mission. I start from what is already there, tapping into the collective intelligence of your team.



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    Novelty Seeker

    "Great job! What's next?"

    I like novelties. I fancy working on projects where I am constantly challenged. I enjoy learning and keeping myself informed about the latest developments. Starting something new makes me feel full of energy. But I only feel fully realised when a project results into something concrete.

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    To-do planner

    "Where does this lead to?"

    When I do things, I like feeling that they substantially contribute to creating positive change. I like setting clear goals. Measurable objectives and tangible outcomes give me loads of energy. But I always stay open minded about the unexpected, as well as to experimenting, reformulating and adjusting.

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    Deliverer (with care)

    "Do not shy away from challenges"

    I believe in being responsible for my own commitments. I am emotionally bound to following through on my promises and I don't feel satisfied until what needs to be accomplished is done. No rush though! The best way to solve challenges is to analyse the symptoms, identifying the root causes and find solutions. I like to see ideas and concepts proven, always staying on the lookout for the patterns, connections and causes behind any result.

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    Engaged listener

    "Tell me what you want, what you really really want"

    I like building trust and creating safe environments where people feel safe to express their feelings and needs. There is so much to learn from these stories that I end up being fully energized. Meaningful, honest discussions are a great way to create strong and functional teams.



    Your Sherpas for social innovation

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    I am part of Otherwhere, a Brussels-based collective of professional facilitators working towards a more sustainable and inclusive society.

    Otherwhere wants to play an active, positive role in today’s changing society by helping you, your team and organisation in reaching your desired destination. We design and facilitate participative learning journeys and strategic processes. We support you in shaping your next conference, team meeting, strategy or campaign. Always in co-creation with you and your team.


    Federico Guerrieri, Ruben Loodts and Conny Hoffmann will guide you along the way! Together we drive positive change!


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